Change History

2018-10-xx v1.2 “rTorrent 0.9.7”


  • UI: Added item search via Ctrl-F and Shift-F / F3
  • UI: Added no data indicator to alerts (in the column)
  • UI: Replaced problematic glyphs like ‘hourglass’ (caused visual defects on Stretch and Bionic)
  • Command: Added string.shorten command (for logging)
  • Fix: Compilation on 32bit platforms (issue #108)
  • Docker: Demo launcher renamed to, and supports any distro with a package available for it

2018-07-01 v1.1 “Design Your Canvas”

This release adds the new fully customizable and responsive canvas v2, and many new configuration and XMLRPC commands plus a few fixes – see below for a full list of changes. It comes with complete documentation hosted on Read the Docs and built with Sphinx. Binary builds for Debian and Ubuntu are available as DEB packages on Bintray.

Note that rTorrent-PS is based on the stable release of rTorrent, and that is still version 0.9.6 at the time of this release. Many of the features and commands in version 0.9.7 are originally developed in or otherwise back-ported to this project anyway.

Read the related Migrating to Version 0.6.1 (UNRELEASED) instructions, which will update configuration snippets in the rtorrent.d directories. If you used those snippets before, their update is required to run the new version – else you’ll get visual defects at the very minimum, but worse stuff might happen.

If you do not have a ~/rtorrent/rtorrent.d directory created by the helper scripts, then you just have to know yourself what to do (i.e. browse through git diffs) – those scripts can only handle standard situations and setups.

  • Docs: Much improved (moved to Read the Docs and using Sphinx)
  • UI: Added responsive canvas v2 with full customization (issue #60)
    • New ui.column.render multi-command
    • Added ui.column.hide and related commands
    • Added 3 new convert.* commands
    • Added ui.color.custom1…9 and ui.color.*.index commands
    • New default columns: ❢ ℞ ⋉ ≣
    • New alert indicators for “tracker down” and “DNS problems”
    • ‘Tagged’ indicator (⚑) now in its own column
    • Built-in views are collapsed by default now
  • UI: Info details panel is now active by default (not Peer list)
  • UI: Made * key a built-in keyboard shortcut [@chros73]
  • UI: Key to toggle sacrificial columns manually (bound to /)
  • Command: Added string.* command group (issue #59)
  • Command: Added math.* command group [@chros73] (issue #65)
  • Command: Added value conversion command
  • Command: Added command (issue #60)
  • Command: Added d.custom.if_z and more d.custom.* commands (issue #101)
  • Command: Added d.is_meta command [@chros73]
  • Command: Added d.tracker_alias command (issue #97)
  • Command: Added d.multicall.filtered
  • Command: Added system.has and 3 other related commands (issue #82)
  • Command: Added system.client_version.as_value command
  • Command: Added do command (issue #98)
  • Command: Added import.return private command
  • Command: Added throttle.names (issue #65)
  • Command: Added ui.bind_key.verbose flag (issue #55)
  • Command: Added event.view.hide and events
  • Fix: Prevent filtering of started and stopped views [@chros73] (issue #36)
  • Fix: system.file.allocate.set=[0|1] semantics [@chros73] (issue #41)
  • Fix: log.messages – restored lost patch for message writing (issue #78)
  • Fix: Properly close XMLRPC log, i.e. only once (issue #94)
  • Fix: start handles platforms that use RUNPATH instead of RPATH
  • Patch: catch command is silent when first command is false=
  • Build: bootstrap script – switch to Python3 (issue #84)
  • Build: Improved git build process
  • Build: all now really does it all, and added a few more actions
  • Build: Allow installation of several concurrent patch versions
  • Build: Apply patches for OpenSSL 1.1 (on platforms using it)
  • Build: Added -std=c++11|0x option (needed for algorithm::median patch)
  • Build: Fixed CXXFLAGS for GCC 6+
  • Build: Dropped rTorrent 0.8.x/0.9.2 support (issue #26)
  • Build: Fedora 26 support (if you use this: it’s unmaintained, unless people open PRs)
  • Tasks: Added integration tests for commands – invoke test [-n ‹name›] (issue #84)
  • Tasks: New cmd_docs task to generate extension command index
  • Docker: Run pkg2deb for several Debian / Ubuntu LTS versions
  • Docker: Run an EPHEMERAL rTorrent-PS instance in a Debian Stretch container

NOTE: Support for rTorrent versions before 0.9.6 and non-C++11 compilers will end soon!

2017-03-12 v1.0 “First version-tagged release”

  • Improved build script
  • system.random = [[<lower>,] <upper>] command
  • UI: tracker alias mappings
    • trackers.alias.set_key=«domain»,«alias» and trackers.alias.items= commands
  • New Arch AUR PKGBUILDs, and pkg2pacman action by @xsmile (#48)
  • More flexible installation options (#43)
  • Easier manual setup with script